Czechoslovak War Cross 1939

Czechoslovak War Cross 1939

The Holocaust – the cruelest chapter in the history of the Bratislava Jewish community – is recalled by three objects of personal history that stand for three different survival strategies – resistance, hiding and survival in the concentration camp. About 1,450 Jewish men and women joined the military resistance in Slovakia. Alexander Bachnár, a teacher in the Nováky camp, fought bravely in the Slovak National Uprising. He was awarded the Czechoslovak War Cross 1939 and other military decorations after the war. [MB]

Bronze, ribbon
Height: 9.5 cm, width: 3.7 cm
Donated by Alexander Bachnár
ŽM-D 1622 A-38a

SALNER, Peter: Prežili holokaust. Bratislava 1997.