Jewish Community Collection

The Judaica collection of the Bratislava Jewish community includes more than 1,200 items and is the third largest Judaica collection in Slovakia (after the collections of the Jewish Community of Presov and the Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava). Most of the objects were assembled by the architect Eugen Barkany (1885-1967), a pioneer of Jewish heritage preservation in Slovakia, both before and after World War II. Barkany helped establish the first Jewish Museum in Slovakia, an institution in his hometown, Presov, that functioned from 1928 to 1939.

Jewish Community Museum

Barkany and his wife settled in Bratislava in the 1950s, and from here he engaged in collecting Jewish artifacts and documenting Jewish monuments in all corners of Slovakia. His research, published posthumously (in co-authorship with Ludovic Dojc: Zidovske nabozenske obce na Slovensku, Bratislava: Vesna 1991), was a landmark in the study of Slovak Jewish heritage. Barkany long hoped to establish a Slovak Jewish Museum based on his collections in the grand Neolog synagogue on Rybne Square. This project collapsed after the synagogue was demolished in 1969 to make way for the SNP Bridge. The collection was stored at the Slovak National Museum for decades, until it was returned to the Jewish Community in 2002.