Bratislava Jewish Community Museum

The Jewish Community Museum focuses on the history and culture of the Jewish community of Bratislava and its surrounding region. The museum’s permanent exhibition, The Jews of Bratislava and Their Heritage, is installed on the upper floor of the synagogue, which is still used as an active house of Jewish worship. A special exhibition, Treasures of the Jewish Museum in Prešov III, is an annual exhibition for 2021. The museum is open during the summer tourist season.

Bratislava is also home to a separate Museum of Jewish Culture, which is a branch of the state-run Slovak National Museum.

Jewish Community Museum

Bratislava Synagogue

The Heydukova Street Synagogue is the only remaining synagogue in Bratislava. Constructed in 1923-1926, it is a Cubist building designed by the Bratislava-based Jewish architect Artur Szalatnai-Slatinsky. The synagogue is owned and used by the Jewish community of Bratislava; it is a listed monument, and a valuable example of Slovak interwar architecture. Visitors may also view its restored interior while visiting the museum.

Bratislava Synagogue

Treasures of the Jewish Museum in Prešov III

This special exhibition is a unique project presenting precious Judaica objects from the collection of the very first Jewish museum in Slovakia, established in 1928 in Prešov under the direction of Eugen Bárkány (1885-1967). This exceptional institution existed until World War II; since 1993 a small selection of its items have been displayed in the women’s gallery of Prešov’s Orthodox synagogue, as part of the Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture.

Our current exhibition presents to visitors in Bratislava a selection of remarkable objects from the Prešov collection that have been hidden for decades in storage, including very rare books, interesting metallic exhibits, special synagogue textiles and a theatric costume of the German actress Mária Bárkány, who was born in Košice. They represent outstanding examples of the material culture of Jews in Slovakia.

The exhibition begins on July 2, 2021.

Treasures of the Jewish Museum in Prešov III


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